Best Workout Clothes For Heavy Sweating

Best Workout Clothes For Heavy Sweating

If you’re sweating, that’s a good sign. It means that your body is working hard and needs to keep cool. But sweat doesn’t just appear out of nowhere there are ways to keep yourself dry when you’re working up a sweat in order to prevent any moisture from building up on your clothes or skin. The best workout clothes for heavy sweating will help you stay comfortable during your workouts and make sure that the only thing visible once it’s all over is the smile on your face from all of the new muscle tone!

Wear Breathable, Quick-Drying Fabrics

If you’re sweating a lot and don’t want to smell, it’s important that your workout athleisure is breathable and quick drying. Many fabrics do this well, but some are better than others. 100% polyester is not breathable, so it will hold on to moisture if the fabric gets wet. Whereas 100% cotton tends to be heavy and stiffer than other fabrics in its class (like polyester), it can feel uncomfortable against your skin when you’re working out hard enough that sweat starts pouring off of you.

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Wear Lighter Colors

The color of your workout clothes can make a big difference in how much heat you’ll be able to keep off. Wearing light colors, like white or pastels, reflects the sun’s rays away from your body and helps keep you cool. Darker colors absorb heat from the sun and make it easier for sweat to evaporate from your skin.

Darker colors also tend to make people feel hotter than lighter ones do which is why they’re best worn at night when temperatures are cooler (or before heading out on an early morning run).

Check The Seams

The seams of your workout clothes should be flat and smooth. If they are itchy, thick, too tight or loose, or located too close to the skin then you may want to rethink how tight they fit.

Choose Shorts That Are Long Enough

It’s important to choose shorts that are long enough. Shorts that are too short may ride up, exposing your undergarment and leaving you with a visible pant line. This can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and even chafing if the shorts are not made of material that wicks away moisture well. If you’re wearing a skin-tight pair of exercise pants or leggings, they may also cause tripping hazards as they don’t have much give in them when walking around town or even worse: running!

Wear A Sports Bra With Moisture Wicking Fabric

A sports bra is designed to keep you dry and comfortable, so it’s ideal for heavy sweating. This can be done in a variety of ways:

girl wearing moisture wicking sports bra during workout

Buy moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester or spandex. These types of materials will absorb sweat that would otherwise make your clothes wetter than they already are, keeping you cooler and drier in the process. The downside is that these types of fabrics tend to feel heavier than regular cotton; however, they do have their benefits when it comes to keeping your skin feeling hydrated while wearing them during workouts or other activities outside (i.e., running).

Look for breathable fabrics with wide bands that go around the chest area, this makes it easier for air circulation throughout your body. While working out at high-intensity levels where perspiration levels increase rapidly after just 10 minutes (or less). A high neckline can also help prevent excessive perspiration from pooling under your arms a common problem when wearing tight-fitting clothing such as leggings without a sports bra underneath them!

Avoid Wearing Cotton Undergarments

Avoid wearing cotton undergarments. Cotton absorbs sweat and doesn’t dry quickly, which means that you’ll be sweating all day long. Cotton is also not good for the skin; it can cause rashes, irritation and chafing. It’s not good for the environment either—cotton farming has a huge carbon footprint because it requires lots of water and chemicals to grow crops (and even then, some types of cotton require more than 1 gallon per pound).

girl wearing hoodies for boxing practice

Finally, don’t forget about your wallet! The price tag associated with wearing synthetic materials like polyester or spandex is much lower than paying $100+ dollars per pair of pants every year in laundry costs alone when going without them would cost less than $5 dollars per month!

Right Clothes Help You Stay Dry And Comfortable

Wearing the right clothes for your workout can help you stay dry and comfortable. The best fabrics for sweaty workouts are breathable and lightweight, so they don’t weigh you down or cause chafing. They should also be loose enough to move easily but not so baggy that they’re hard to maneuver in.

When choosing what kind of shirt or pants to wear during a workout, look for ones with seams that aren’t too high up on the arm or leg (for example no more than 1 inch). If there are any holes in these areas, try wearing an undershirt underneath them instead; this will help prevent them from getting wet when sweat starts running down into those areas!


Now that you know how to choose the best workout clothes for heavy sweating, you can start planning your wardrobe.

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