What To Wear To Gym When You Are Fat | Buyer’s Guide

Big men can find it challenging to find activewear that is both functional and stylish. We no longer need to worry about baggy t-shirts and unflattering joggers since Seven X Sports has worked hard to make plus-size clothing that fits well without making big guys look bulky.

Best Workout Clothes For Big Guys

People seem to think gymnasiums are full of athletic types who pose their perfect bodies in gyms. Overweight people may find it intimidating and daunting. If you have ever visited a gym, you will quickly discover that this is not the case. Almost everyone in a gym wears a different shape and size, has a different ability, and has a different personality. It’s flaunted by some, while others hide on the corner treadmill and wish they were invisible.

Newcomers might not realize it, but most people who work out at a gym are supportive of others regardless of their size or shape. People who have a passion for fitness know that it must start somewhere, so they rarely judge those just starting out, or anyone else. So embrace your bigness and smash your goals.

Wearing the right fitness clothes for the gym can be challenging for anyone, especially if it’s a new place. Any workout wear should make you feel comfortable, and that is the number one rule. A piece of clothing which restricts movement, makes you feel self-conscious, or distracts you from your workout is something you don’t want to invest in.

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Workout Clothes For Fat Guys

Wearing the right clothes can make or break your performance when training, both on and off the field. You will spend your time pulling the tee right back down if it is too tight, causing it to ride up in all the wrong places. When your trousers are too baggy, they fall down and you have to spend all your time repositioning them.

Seven X Champ Fleece Joggers

Finished with a soft and smooth material, Seven X Champ Fleece Joggers will make sure that you are protected from chafing while running at full speed. Overweight guys can wear these trousers snugly around their thighs and calves. However, they also have a drawstring at the waist, so you can adjust them as needed in order to find a perfect fit. You can wear them comfortably. What is the best part? It doesn’t matter how fast you are going, they don’t ride down with you.

Besides being comfortable, these joggers look great as well. Despite the fact that they’re there, you won’t even be aware of them! Designed with the plus size athlete in mind, the SEVEN X range of joggers has been stress-tested to ensure they will last you through those most intense training sessions.

Workout pants with high-waisted cuts are great because they allow you to move freely without having to worry about how much of your stomach is showing. They also prevent sweat from getting trapped under the waistband, which can cause chaffing around the midsection area this means less discomfort when working out!

SEVEN X Champ Fleece Hoodies

When you are a big man, you know that sometimes it can be hard to find clothing that is comfortable for you and fits well. Taking both aspects into consideration, the SEVEN X Champ Fleece Hoodies really delivered on both counts. Featuring breathable polyester fabric, these high-quality polyester hoodies are perfect for big men who are looking for a hoodie that keeps them cool during workouts and also helps them sweat more effectively when they are working out.

They are designed with elastic waistbands that cinch up tightly around your body, and have enough room around the belly area so that you don’t feel as if you are constrained in your movements by the waistbands. There is nothing more comfortable than a plus size hoodie. The SEVEN X range of hoodies has been stress-tested, making sure these garments will hold up even in the most rigorous training session.

Seven X Cut Off T-Shirts

It’s a fact that as a big guy, you are in need of a comfortable, breathable t-shirt that will keep you cool during workouts, and the Seven X Cut Off T-Shirt is just what you need. The cut off style helps to ventilate your body while you are working out. It also makes it easy to show off your physique without feeling self conscious about how you look in front of other people around you.

Designed for the most gruelling training sessions, our SEVEN X range of T-shirts has been stress-tested many times over. Made from high-quality polyester fabric, they will keep you feeling dry and comfortable even through the most intense workouts. Despite the toughest weather conditions, they are designed to serve you well throughout the year.

Our regular arm cutoff Tees are great for big guys who like to show off their muscles without being too revealing or uncomfortable. And if you want something with a bit more flair, check out our drop down arm cut off T-shirts. They’ll be good no matter what kind of workout you’re doing!


With these workout clothes, you can be sure that you look good and feel comfortable as you workout. The clothes have been designed by someone who is used to working out and so knows just what is needed in the gym clothing market.

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