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Fight wear is the key to getting ready for your next MMA fight or training session in the gym. We know you want to look great, but we also know that you want to get as much performance as possible from your MMA fight gear or any fight gear.

Best Quality fight gear

At SevenXSports, we understand that you don’t have time for anything less than a perfect fit. So we’ve got it all covered: our advanced fight gear is made with quality materials, so it’s going to last, and our styles are designed with comfort in mind. We want you to feel like you can go all-out in your super fight gear, no matter what kind of training environment you’re in—and when it comes to hitting the ring or sparring partner, we’ve got you covered there too.

Comfortable Board Shorts

Our board shorts are made of a lightweight, quick-drying material that will keep you cool and dry when the sun is beating down on your back. They come in a wide range of styles, so you can find one that works for your body type and style.

MMA Fight Gear

Our MMA shorts are made of the same material as our board shorts, but they’re cut shorter in the front so they’re more comfortable to wear while practicing your moves. They also have pockets so you can grab things without taking your hands off the ropes.

Premium Thai Shorts

And then there are our Thai shorts—these are our favorite because they’re made from an incredibly soft cotton blend that feels amazing against your skin and looks great too! We know what it’s like to be a beginner at something new, so we figured why not get started young with these?

Advanced Fight gear

Our line of fight wear includes everything from rash guards and compression shirts to tights and shorts—and with every item we make, we’re sure that no matter what kind of workout or fighting style you follow, we’ve got something that’ll make it easier for you only on SevenXSports.