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Custom MMA Shorts

Custom MMA Shorts, also known as mixed martial arts shorts, are athletic shorts designed specifically for mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters. 

They are designed to be lightweight, durable, and provide freedom of movement for the fighter during their training or competition. MMA shorts typically have a flexible waistband and are made from breathable, moisture-wicking materials to help keep the fighter cool and dry during intense physical activity.

MMA shorts come in various styles and designs, but most are designed to be form-fitting and feature slits on the sides to allow for greater mobility. Some MMA shorts also have built-in compression shorts to provide extra support and protection for the fighter’s muscles and joints.

Our MMA Shorts

Welcome to our sevenxsports! Here you’ll find a wide range of high-quality MMA shorts designed for maximum performance and comfort. Whether your customer is a beginner or a pro, we have the perfect pair of shorts to suit his needs.

Our MMA shorts feature reinforced stitching to prevent tears and rips during grappling and striking, while the stretchy waistband provides a secure fit without restricting users’ movements. Many of our shorts also come with adjustable waistbands for a personalized fit.

We understand that style is just as important as functionality for MMA shorts. That’s why we offer a range of designs to suit users’ style preferences. 

Whether training in the gym or stepping into the ring, our MMA shorts will provide him with the comfort, durability, and style he needs to perform at his best. 


Our MMA shorts are made from high-quality materials for maximum comfort and durability during training and fights. We use a variety of materials depending on the style of shorts, including:

  1. Polyester: This lightweight and durable material wicks away sweat and moisture, keeping fighters cool and comfortable during training. It is also resistant to abrasions and tears, making it ideal for grappling and striking.
  2. Spandex: This material is stretchy and flexible, allowing for a wide range of motion during training and fights. It is also moisture-wicking, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your workout.
  3. Nylon: This material is known for its strength and durability, making it ideal for combat sports like MMA. It is also lightweight and breathable, allowing for maximum comfort during training.
  4. Cotton: This material is soft and comfortable, making it a popular choice for MMA shorts. 
  5. Compression fabric: This material is a blend of polyester and spandex and is designed to compress muscles, improving blood flow and reducing fatigue. 

Custom Size

We understand that not all athletes are the same size and shape, so we offer a range of sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. We also know that some athletes may require custom sizing options.

We offer a custom sizing option for our MMA shorts. This lets you provide us with your exact measurements so we can create a pair of shorts explicitly tailored to your customer’s body type.


We understand that MMA athletes demand high-quality gear that is durable and long-lasting. That’s why we use only the best materials and construction techniques to ensure that our MMA shorts are built to last.

We take pride in providing MMA athletes with gear that they can rely on. When you purchase a pair of MMA shorts from us, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality product built to last.

Competitive Price

We are committed to providing high-quality MMA shorts at a competitive price. Athletes should have access to top-quality gear to help them perform at their best without breaking the bank.

We work hard to keep our costs low without sacrificing quality and pass these savings on to our customers. This allows us to offer MMA shorts at an affordable price for athletes of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

Contact Us

We value your feedback and always seek ways to improve our products and services. So, If you have any questions about MMA shorts, please contact us.