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We Seven X Sports are manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of wholesale sublimated sportswear. We specialize in creating custom sportswear for teams and businesses of all sizes. Our company is dedicated to providing you with high-quality, durable sportswear at the most competitive prices.

Why Choose Us as Your Wholesale Sportswear Suppliers

At Seven X Sports, we believe that every customer deserves the best sportswear apparel to scale their business. We are capable of providing the best custom sportswear tailored to your guidelines. Having extensive experience of over a decade in the wholesale sportswear industry, and working with mega brands make us the best choice for your team or business sportswear requirement.

We offer a full range of sizes and styles at every price point, giving you the chance to find exactly what works best for your business. Our entire inventory is built around our commitment to quality and value, so whether you need something unique or just want something practical and fashionable, there’s something here for everyone.

Buying in bulk from Seven X Sports comes with many benefits. Here are a few key factors for choosing Seven X Sports as your wholesale sports apparel supplier.

Unlimited Range of Sports Apparel

We understand that every sports store and online retailer needs a complete range of sports uniforms to satisfy their customers. That’s why we offer a wide selection of high-quality, custom sportswear at competitive prices. We offer an unlimited range of sports apparel to meet the needs of any team or business. Our selection includes 7v7 uniforms, American football uniforms, lacrosse uniforms, baseball uniforms, basketball uniforms, rugby uniforms, cycling uniforms and ice hockey uniforms. And if you’re looking for something different that’s not listed, don’t worry! We can provide that for you as well, just request a quote with your requirements.

High Quality Material

Being the most reputable sportswear supplier we ensure high-quality materials and strict adherence to industry standards. We understand the importance of providing durable and comfortable sportswear for your team or business, and we strive to exceed expectations with our premium fabrics.

Most Competitive Prices Due to Own Manufacturing

We understand that cost is a major factor in any business decision. We have the ability to offer the most competitive prices on bulk purchases of sports uniforms. With our own manufacturing factory in Pakistan, we can cut several cost increasing factors and surpass the maximum benefit to you.

Sublimated Sportswear

We specialize in manufacturing custom sportswear using the sublimation dye process. Our sublimation printing process ensures that your designs will be vibrant and long-lasting. The sublimation dye process uses heat and pressure to print designs onto fabric, resulting in vibrant, long-lasting colors that won’t fade or peel.

Unlimited Customization

Our unique manufacturing process allows for unlimited design customization options, allowing you to create the perfect apparel to match your team and brand. You can customize your uniforms with your brand or team logo, or choose from our wide selection of designs. We also offer custom material options, so you can choose the fabric that best suits your needs.

Quick Order Processing

We value your time and our commitment to quick order processing sets us apart as your top choice for wholesale sportswear. Choose Seven X Sports for all your sportswear needs and experience the convenience of our fast turnaround times.

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