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what is varsity letterman jacket

A varsity letterman jacket is a jacket worn by letterman in a school’s varsity sports teams typically baseball. It is a common symbol of status, achievement, and achievement in school sports. The letterman jacket usually features the school’s name and logo on the front, with the wearer’s name on the back of the jacket. The jacket may also feature a number for each sport played by the wearer, and this number is sometimes embroidered onto the sleeve or back of the jacket.

Which Sports Players Wear Letterman Jackets

The letterman jacket is a symbol of pride for athletes who wear it. It’s awarded to team members to show that they are part of a team and represent the school that they play for. There are four types of varsity sports programs that wear a letterman jacket as a tradition: football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.

Who Can Wear Letterman Jackets

The letterman jacket has been a staple in the wardrobe of high school boys and girls for decades. The jackets were originally worn by varsity athletes, but the evolution of fashion hasn’t stopped people from wearing them on casual days out. In fact, the jacket’s popularity is so widespread that it’s been adapted as an outerwear item for parties, outdoors, and even in gyms.

So now Letterman Jackets are not just for varsity sports players anymore! They are widely used by varsity sports fans to cheer their favorite teams with the name and logo of their team or as casual outwear attire.

What Is a Varsity Jacket Made Of

Varsity jackets are made of several materials, including leather, cotton fleece, wool, and even suede or fur. In the past, varsity jackets were made mostly of leather. However, these days they are more commonly made from wool or cotton fleece.

Other materials can be used in varsity jackets if they’re well-suited to their intended purpose. Leather is good at maintaining its shape when you wear it repeatedly while suede is warm but not waterproof. Wool keeps you warm in cold weather, and cotton fleece works well for people who want something less expensive but still durable.

What Are The Different Types Of Varsity Jackets?

Over the last few decades, Varsity Jackets have evolved and expanded rapidly. Custom jackets allow designers to innovate and try new things with the materials and designs of these jackets. Here are some of the most common types of Varsity Jackets.

fashionable varsity jacket

Hybrid Letterman Jackets – Fleece And Leather

Hybrid Letterman jackets are the most famous varsity jackets among high school boys and girls alike due to their stylish looks. As the name implies this type of jacket is a combo of high-quality cotton fleece and leather, with a color difference between the two materials for a contrasty look. Typically the body is made up of high-quality fleece to keep your body warm and cozy. Arms are made with a contrasting color of synthetic leather lined with polyester fabric for enhanced protection against cool weather. Our Yellow and Gold Varsity Jacket is a true example of a Hybrid Letterman Jacket.

Varsity Jacket Yellow Gold | Letterman Jacket Vintage

Leather Letterman Jackets

Letterman jackets come in a variety of leather types, including cowhide and less sophisticated calfskin leathers. Generally, these leather Varsity Jackets are unicolored and shiny, but customers may customize them to suit their needs. The color and type of leather are completely up to them.

Full Wool Letterman Jackets

Like Hybrid jackets’ name justifies this type of jacket too, these Vintage Varsity jackets are fully made up of soft wool. From body to neck and shoulders to ribbed cuffs each and every part is constructed with high-quality wool. Due to the easy-dye nature of wool, woolen construction allows for greater color variation than leather can achieve. They come in a variety of collar and sleeve designs like Set-in or Raglan Sleeves and knit-up or byron collars.

How Much Does a Letterman Jacket Cost?

It depends! The cheapest ones are under $35, and the most expensive ones can be over $200 or even more. It’s not easy to find out how much a letterman jacket costs. There are different factors that can affect the price you pay for a jacket. The type of material used, customization options, and even your budget can all impact the final cost of your jacket.

While there are many different types of jackets available in the market, the most common ones are made from leather, nylon, or polyester. Leather jackets are considered to be more expensive than other materials because they have more maintenance requirements than other types of clothing.

Why Are Varsity Jackets So Expensive?

Varsity Jackets are custom-tailored high-quality outerwear pieces that are made from premium materials. The price seems very high at first glance, but this price is justified by their quality and sentimental value. The real value of a Varsity Jacket is the bond that it creates between the wearer and their school. For high school graduates, Varsity Jackets are like trophies, a part of their life spent in that sports team.


For people who get their jackets for their looks and fashion, the value resides in the tailored nature of the garment. A custom varsity jacket is something that is exactly how they want it to be. From the material on the sleeves to the color of the cuffs, everything reflects their fashion sense to them and represents their personality.

Where To Buy Letterman Jacket In Wholesale

The Most Effective way of cutting varsity jacket costs is by buying wholesale directly from the manufacturer.

Seven X Sports is the manufacturer and wholesale distributor of all types of varsity jackets for you at a very reasonable cost. You may get a variety of options with customized jackets. You may get your team name and logo printed on them, customized colors, and even material of your own choice.

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Bottom Line

The letterman jacket is an iconic piece of apparel, which is popular among high school students and alumni. They are a great way to show school spirit and represent your team in the best possible way. They are also a great option for casual wear as well, especially when paired with jeans or joggers. If you are looking for varsity jackets, then Seven X Sports is the place to buy them. You will get the best quality jackets at an affordable price. Not only that but you will also be able to personalize them in any way possible.

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